Meet Kimberlie

Kimberlie Guerrieri is a professional genealogist and the owner of The Ancestry Agency, where she spends her days discovering family histories and solving family mysteries.  

After earning a B.A. double major in English and Political Science at San Jose State University, she went on to earn an M.A. in Literature at San Jose State University and a Certificate in Genealogy from Boston University.

Her interest in genealogy began as a child with a single word heard often at her large Italian Sunday suppers growing up in Los Angeles: GRIMALDI.

Grimaldi was the name of the Italian village her relatives emigrated from and the word was featured prominently on her great grandfather's gravestone. Kimberlie began researching her family's history after the early death of her father. Unfortunately, most of her Italian relatives had passed around the same time and she was left with boxes of photos, documents, and questions. Why did her ancestors leave sunny Italy to mine coal in Colorado? How and when did they immigrate?  Why didn't they return to a place that they loved so much? 

These questions and more eventually led Kimberlie to two remote southern Italian villages … where she discovered long lost relatives, the correct spelling of her surname, a family relation to the King, and a dispute over a castle.

She believes piecing together the past can profoundly shape how you see yourself today and the legacy you will leave.

Kimberlie is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, the National Genealogical Society, and the Southern California Genealogical Society.   She abides by the standards as put forth in the Board for Certification of Genealogists' Code of Ethics and Conduct and the Association of Professional Genealogists' Code of Ethics.

We do the research, you enjoy the results. 

Television shows and commercials make researching family history look easy. A simple internet search or swab from your cheek and instantly you have a family tree reaching back generations and maybe across the globe.

That's marketing. Good research takes time, experience and knowing where to access records. It can often be complicated and frustrating. It can also be inaccurate because people and even officials often make mistakes in records.

Do you have the time and research skills to locate all the necessary records?  We are experienced in locating records, validating details, evaluating sources, and solving complex problems. You enjoy the results in a detailed report, family book, framed family tree, or family history videos. 


"Bespoken experience and results! If you're looking for something more than a cookie cutter report, you found the right place. We treasure the family history memory book and video about my grandparents."

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