3 Ways to Celebrate Your Irish Ancestry this St. Patrick's Day!

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Whether your last name is Murphy or you just feel a wee bit Irish this St. Patrick’s Day as you sip your beer at your local pub, here are 3 ways to celebrate your Irish ancestry this St. Patrick’s Day. 

#1 Research Irish Ancestors Online


Findmypast.com has the largest collection of Irish family history records online (about 8 billion records). Twice more than any other site.

Not only do they have the large national records you would expect, they also have smaller record sets that are absolute gems for discovering interesting facts and stories about your family's history.

Check out the Wills to find family members and property. Look in the Court Records for the black sheep. Wondering if your great great grandfather owned a Pomeranian or a Poodle? The Dog Licenses records can let you know, plus fido's name and address.

Right now, Findmypast.com is offering 50% off their monthly subscription through 3/18/18.


#2 Become an Expert on St. Patrick’s Day


Did you know St. Patrick was not born in Ireland? Do you know if Chicago or Savannah was the first city to dye their river green? And how many pounds of green dye does it take? 

Brush up on your St. Pat facts at History.com and be the star of your next trivia night!

#3 Plan a Heritage Trip to Ireland


Make your next vacation even more memorable by discovering your Irish heritage. When you travel with a professional genealogist in Ireland you you get more than your usual tour guide. You will walk in the steps of your ancestors, meet local people, and connect with your past.

Several companies offer heritage or ancestry tours. Ancestry recently started offering both guided group and private tours. Before you depart, a professional genealogist will trace your Irish roots.  A DNA test kit is also included. 

For a private customized guided experience in Ireland, check out Irish Family Tree Vacations.


Kimberlie Guerrieri