4 Fun Ways to Make Easter Eggs-tra Special


Easter is a holiday filled with family traditions. For some it means church services, color coordinated outfits (pastels preferred), and Easter dinner. For others, Easter means floral sundresses, candy filled baskets, egg hunts, and brunch. 

Whatever your Easter traditions may be, it is one of the few holidays when every bunny in the family is together. Why not make the most of your time together and make this Easter eggs-tra special by celebrating and preserving your family’s history?

4 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Family’s History this Easter


#1 Start or Grow Your Family Tree

When your done hunting for easter eggs, get online and find your ancestors. With so many generations together in one place it’s a perfect time to start or grow your online family tree. Begin with what you know and work backward in time by finding records. FamilySearch.org has the largest collection of free genealogy records, while Ancestry.com subscribers can search that site’s millions of records from home. Check with your local library to see if they offer Ancestry.com for free.


# 2 Record Relatives

The best source of family history information often comes from those that witnessed it. This Easter, take a few minutes to interview and record your most senior relatives. Hearing them share their memories in their own words is a great keepsake of a loved one to be shared with future generations. Prepare with a list of questions or download my Top 30 Interview Questions for Your Relative. To record, use your iphone, Audacity on your computer, or download apps like Once I’ve Gone and Safe Beyond


#3 Preserve the Past

Repeat after me - take one, preserve one. With everyone dressed up in their Easter best and spring in bloom, lots of family photos (and selfies) will be taken. While that’s wonderful, take advantage of the time together to tend to pictures from the past. Get out those old photo albums and encourage your family to bring photos to your gathering. Set aside some time or a place to identify and record people and places in the old photos. Afterward, scan and share all those photos collected. Everyone will love you for the post-Easter gift!


 #4 Share Family Recipes 

Food brings families together and creates lasting memories. Nonna’s Lamb. Aunt Francesca’s Deviled Eggs. Tony’s Easter Bread. Whatever your family’s Easter food traditions might be, take some time to make sure they aren’t lost. Ask your family before Easter about their favorite food memories and request recipes. During your Easter celebrations make the dishes and record the recipes. It’s a fun activity for kids to do with their grandparents. After the holiday, distribute new recipe cards or scanned versions of existing ones. Want to go the egg-stra Easter mile? Start a family cookbook that includes recipes, photos, and quotes.


Let’s not only find Easter eggs this year, let’s find your story. I’m Kimberlie Guerrieri and I’m a Certified Genealogist with more than 15 years of experience assisting people to discover their family histories and solve some pretty cool mysteries. If you would like help finding your family’s history, contact me for a FREE chat to discuss your goals.

Kimberlie Guerrieri