4 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Grandparents Day

Uncategorized Sep 12, 2020

It’s National Grandparents Day! Celebrate and do something Grand today. Take time out and engage with another generation to discover and celebrate your family history.  

Here are 4 Activities to do with the Grandparents, today or any day!  

# 1 Wise Words - Interview Grandma and Grandpa

Their stories are legendary. Find out where they began. The best source of family history information often comes from those that witnessed it. Take 20 or 30 minutes for a family history interview. Ask open ended questions and record the answers. You can write them down, but hearing someone share their memories in their own words is a great keepsake of a loved one to be shared with future generations.

Prepare with a list of questions or grab my Top 30 Interview Questions for Relatives below. To record, use your iphone, Audacity on your computer, or download apps like Once I’ve Gone and Safe Beyond

Download my FREE guide - The 30 Best Questions to Ask Your Relative here

#2 Do Some Ancestor Sleuthing

Go online to Ancestry.com or FamilySearch.org and work on a branch of the family tree together. Or, pick one ancestor to focus on. See if you can find any new records. Begin with what you know and work backward in time by finding records. FamilySearch.org has the largest collection of free genealogy records, while Ancestry.com subscribers can search that site’s millions of records from home. Check with your local library to see if they offer Ancestry.com for free.

#3 Picture Perfect

Create a family photo book of the grandkids and give the grandparents something to brag about! If the kids are older, have them work with the grandparents on selecting some of their favorite family photos from the past. 

When creating the photo book, take the time to identify the photos. Include in the captions the people in the photo, the year, and when it was taken.

There are many photo book options to choose from. Some of my favorites are Snapfish and Shutterfly. Use Chatbooks and create a photo book from your phone in under 5 minutes!

 #4 Share Family Recipes 

Food brings families together and creates lasting memories. Nonna’s Lamb. Grandpa’s spaghetti sauce. Whatever your family’s food traditions might be, take some time to make sure they aren’t lost. Ask your grandma and grandpa about their favorite family food traditions. Make a meal together and record the recipes Distribute new recipe cards or scanned versions of existing ones to other members of the family. Start a family cookbook that includes recipes, photos, and quotes.




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