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What is DAR?

Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) is a women’s service organization dedicated to promoting historic preservation, education, and patriotism. Any woman over 18 years old who can trace her lineage back to a Patriot in the American Revolution is eligible for membership.

DAR was founded as an offshoot of Sons of the American Revolution but has become bigger and more well-known. (Go Girls!) Headquartered in Washington D.C., there are 190,000 members and 3,000 chapters across the U.S. and internationally.


  1. Women’s service organization founded in 1890.
  2. Dedicated to historic preservation, education, and patriotism
  3. Members are direct descendants of American Revolution Patriots.
  4. 190,000 Members, 3,000 Chapters World Wide
  5. Motto: God, Home, Country

Why Join?

 If you are female and lucky enough to have traced your lineage back to colonial ancestors, chances are you have a Patriot in your family tree. If you can prove it, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) is a lineage society you certainly want to check out.

It’s a wonderful way to honor and preserve the legacy of your Patriot ancestor and much more! It's a great way to contribute to important service projects and make life long friends. Local chapters are involved in a variety of activities in their communities including:

  • Restoring and maintaining historic sites
  • Preserving historical records
  • Supporting schools and awarding scholarships
  • Promoting education and citizenship
  • Volunteering to assist military veterans
  • Supporting active-duty troops
  • Welcoming new citizens at naturalization ceremonies

Famous DAR Members

Since its founding in 1890, over one million women have joined. Today's DAR members are women who come from diverse backgrounds and hold a variety of interests. Their common bond is their lineal descent from Patriots of the American Revolution. Some famous members include:

  • Susan B. Anthony, Woman's Rights Activist
  • Ginger Rogers, Actress and Dancer
  • Bo Derek, Actress
  • Margaret Rhea Seddon, Astronaut
  • Janet Reno, Former Attorney General
  • Rosalyn Carter, First Lady
  • Laura Welch Bush, First Lady

How Do I Join?

To be a member you must prove your lineage to an American Patriot. The good news? DAR has excellent genealogical resources to help you. The steps to becoming a member include:

  1. Trace your lineage to your Revolutionary War Patriot ancestor.  You must establish a direct pedigree through birth, marriage, death records, etc.
  2. Identify your Patriot ancestor and have evidence of their patriotic acts or Revolutionary  War military service.
  3. Contact your local DAR or SAR chapter. They will provide guidance and assistance with your application process.
  4. Complete and submit your application with supporting documentation.


TIP: Check DAR’s Genealogical Research System (GRS) on the DAR website to see if someone has already joined DAR using your ancestor. You likely have lineage in common and you can “piggyback” on the information approved in their application.


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