Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr. - Season 7 Premieres Tomorrow

television Jan 18, 2021

Today’s most compelling personalities discover the surprising stories buried within their own families in the seventh season of the critically acclaimed PBS series Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. 

The new ten-episode season will premiere on Tuesdays beginning January 19, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. ET on PBS. 

This season features 20 exciting new guests who are game-changers in their fields, with family histories that illustrate the power and diversity of the human experience.

  • actors Glenn Close, John Lithgow, Jane Lynch, Audra MacDonald, Christopher Meloni and Tony Shalhoub
  • acclaimed musicians Clint Black, Rosanne Cash, and Pharrell Williams
  • groundbreaking directors Kasi Lemmons and John Waters
  • renowned journalists Erin Burnett and Nina Totenberg
  • hilarious comedians Lewis Black and Jim Gaffigan
  • popular late-night personality Andy Cohen
  • and more to be announced!

Episode 1 | To the Manor
Tuesday, Jan 19, 8/7c

701 Glenn Close2Glenn Close   701 Waters Headshot  John Waters


Episode 2 | Against All Odds 
Tuesday, Jan 26, 8/7c

 702 Cohen Headshot Andy Cohen 702 NPR NINA TOTENBERG 001  Nina Totenberg


Episode 3 | No Irish Need Apply
Tuesday, Feb 2, 8/7c

703 Lynch Headshot  Jane Lynch    703 Gaffigan Headshot    Jim Gaffigan


Episode 4 | The Shirts on their Backs 
Tuesday, Feb 9, 8/7c

704 Meloni headshot  Christopher Meloni  704 SHALHOUB TONY 7004    Tony Shalhoub


Episode 5 | Write My Name in the Book of Life
Tuesday, Feb 16, 8/7c

705 Kasi Lemmons Greg Gorman Photography  Kasi Lemmons     705 Pharrell Williams     Pharrell Williams


Episode 6 | Country Roots
Tuesday, Feb 23, 8/7c

706 Clint Black Headshot   Clint Black   706 Cash    Rosanne Cash


Episode 7 | The New World
Tuesday, Apr 13, 8/7c

707 John Lithgow  John Lithgow     707 Maria Hinojosa Headshot  Maria Hinojosa


Episode 8 | Laughing on the Inside
Tuesday, Apr 20, 8/7c

708 Lewis Black Headshot  Lewis Black     708 Roy Wood Jr  Roy Wood, Jr.


Episode 9 | On Broadway
Tuesday, Apr 27, 8/7c

709 Audra Mc Donald  Audra McDonald     709 Mandy Patinkin   Mandy Patinkin


Episode 10 | Anchored to the Past
Tuesday, May 4, 8/7c

710 Don Lemon  Don Lemon     710 Gretchen Carlson  Gretchen Carlson 


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