Our Family Recipes

gifts Nov 22, 2019

This time of year everyone is talking about their favorite family dishes. Why not preserve and organize all your family’s favorites in this new keepsake recipe journal?

I created the Our Family Recipes memory journal because I couldn’t find a recipe book that included all the sections I needed to create my family’s favorites. Not just room for the ingredients, but space to record everything that makes that dish special.

Our Family Recipes includes the typical ingredients and directions sections, but also plenty of space for you to record the memories and history surrounding your family’s favorites - who created the dish, when it’s traditionally served, who loves it most, the secret in the sauce, and more.

NEW THIS YEAR! Menus & Memories Section. Record your favorite menus from appetizers to dessert and all the guests who made the meal memorable.

Order your copy now to take to your Thanksgiving.

Start recording and preserving your family food memories today!

Available now on AMAZON in two cover choices:

Every Family Has a Story. Ready to Discover Yours?

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