Your family stories matter.

Preserve your memories in a family heirloom book. 
Pass down stories to future generations.

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Preserve Memories

Leave a Legacy

Share Your Story


  • Your life story or that of a close relative in an heirloom hardbound book.
  • Based on interviews with you as well as family and friends.
  • Bespoke book includes stories covering heritage, childhood,  family, career, hobbies, travels, military service, marriage and kids, retirement, and more.
  • Includes photos, illustrations, and family history materials.
  • 12 hours of personal interviews.
  • 80-90 pages.

Starting at $3,950

Memory Books 

  • Shorter heirloom book focusing on a special story or time of life.
  • Based on interviews.
  • Includes photos, illustrations, and family history materials.
  • 5 hours of personal interviews.
  • 20-30 pages.

Starting at $1,550

Let's Work Together. 

Every family is made of stories, passed down through the generations.
How will you tell yours? 

Let's Begin

 Taking your story from an idea to a beautifully crafted book.
How it works. 

1. Getting Started

We begin with a free consultation about the book you want to create. I'll gather some biographical information, and we'll discuss your goals and expectations.

 2. Interviews

We discuss your life and stories over several sessions. Typical sessions are 1-2 hours each and recorded. I will have a series of questions, but we go where the memories take us. We'll use photos and other family history items to prompt memories.

3. Writing and Designing the Book

Using information from the interviews and additional research, I will write your story, either in your voice or from a historian’s point of view. Photos, illustrations, family trees, and other items will be used to support the story. You will have regular opportunities to review and comment as it progresses. Your beautifully printed book will arrive ready to share for generations to come.