Genealogy Coaching & Consulting

Are you interested in starting your own family history research? Have you hit a brick-wall? Are you looking to improve your research skills and make more discoveries? You could ask a genealogy group on Facebook or spend hours Google searching and hope what you read is correct.

Instead, let me be your genealogy coach. I’ll meet with you online or on the phone to discuss your needs, answer your questions, and develop a tailored step-by-step plan with specific tasks.

“Family Historian” Package (Starting at $350)

Perfect if you want to do you own research and just need a plan and a little bit of direction. This package includes the following:

  • Review your project goal(s) during a 30 minute discovery call.

  • Preliminary research

  • Strategic research plan outlining the sources and records that will answer your research question(s)

  • Suggested genealogy websites, libraries, repositories, and other resources

  • Research tips and helpful tools

“Lend Me a Hand” ($65/hour)

Need help organizing your research, documents or photos? Have you done your research, but you want it reviewed by a professional? Do you need help understanding the records you have? Let me lend a hand and my expertise to help you make your own family history discoveries.