Genealogy Consultations

Are you interested in starting your own family history research? Or perhaps you've been doing it for years but you've hit a brick wall or need some special assistance. You could ask a genealogy group on Facebook or let Google lead you down message board rabbit trails. Or you could ask a professional.

I can lend my professional expertise as a genealogist and I love nothing better than sharing what I have learned.

“Family Historian” Package (Starting at $350)

Perfect if you want to do you own research and just need a plan and a little bit of direction. This package includes the following:

  • Review your project goal(s) during a 30 minute discovery call

  • Preliminary research

  • Strategic research plan outlining the sources and records that will answer your research question(s)

  • Suggested genealogy websites, libraries, repositories, and other resources

  • Research tips and helpful tools

“Lend Me a Hand” ($65/hour)

Need help organizing your research, documents or photos? Done you research, but you want it reviewed by a professional?