Every research project is unique and we offer a variety of services ranging from simple record look-ups to more complex projects like multi-generational pedigrees, narrative family histories, and lineage society applications. For those clients who prefer to do their own research, we also offer consulting services to help guide you along your family history journey.

Genealogy Research Services

Family Histories

Discovering Your ancestors

What do you want to know about your family history?  Are you interested in a tracing a particular branch of your family tree? A specific person? Your immigration history? Or locating specific documents? 

After we determine your project goals, we'll create a research plan and get to work. Because your family history is more than a pedigree chart, we will pull in a variety records and documents to provide more details about your ancestors and bring your family's store to life. 

In addition to the written report, you will receive the relevant pedigree chart and family group sheets, and photocopies of all the documents accumulated.

Davenport House

Home Histories

Properties with a Pedigree

Are you curious about the history of the house you live in, or would you like to trace the history of a family property? Unlock the secrets of who lived there, what it was used for, noteworthy events, or just gain a better understanding of the design and structure.  

Our homes are often an extension of ourselves or family. They are full of stories, but walls can't talk. A report, book, or video about your home's history makes a wonderful gift for posterity and can help with a home's sale. 

Lineage Society Applications

connect your family to history 

There are hundreds of lineage societies and organizations offering membership to those who can trace their ancestors to a specific individual or event.  Membership in these organizations is based on thorough research documenting a connection to a qualified ancestor. If you think you qualify for a lineage society, The Ancestry Agency can help guide you through the process and provide the necessary documentation. Some of the most popular lineage societies include:

  • National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR)
  • National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (NSSAR)
  • Society of Mayflower Descendants
  • Grand Army of the Republic 
Ancestry Agency - Lineage Society Applications

 The Process

Step 1 - Defining your Research Goals 

We will work with you upfront to determine your research goals. This will involve some initial questions regarding what you want to discover, what you already know, and what documents you might already have.  With the project goal determined, we will create a research plan and estimate how long it will take for us to complete your project and at what cost. This initial consultation is free.

Step 2 - We'll begin the research

Research begins with accessing records online, ordering documents, and consulting with subject and area experts. Once we begin a project you will be kept updated as research progresses. 

Step 3 - We'll deliver Results

With every project we will provide you full details of the research performed. This includes:

Research Report. A summary of the results of our research, including suggestions for the next steps you can take in your research.

Research Calendar/Log. A report of the sources examined and the results. Sometimes this report is combined with the research report.

Digital Images. You will receive a copy of all the documents, articles, and images used to verify your family history.

Additional Products. For an additional fee, we can create a unique way for you to share and experience your family history. These include: 

  • Custom Printed Books

  • Family History Website

  • Family History Videos

  • Heritage Tours and Reunions


Genealogy Consultation

A Genealogy Consultation is perfect if you want to do your own family history research, but you don't know where to begin or you’ve hit a brick-wall. During a genealogy consultation, I can help in a variety of ways including:

  • Clarifying your research goals

  • Creating a strategic research plan to meet your goals

  • Organizing your research

  • Answering any burning questions


"You exceeded our expectations. More than just a family pedigree chart. The family history report contained information about our relatives we were previously unaware of, as well as photos and documents we had never seen. "

/  Rachel G. /